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Cleaning and Maintenance Instruction

After the installation, give the film three to six days to fully adhere to the surface.
Usually, after this period, we perform a quality check and remove any imperfections that might emerge.


To maintain a perfect appearance and make your refinished surface last longer, it is recommended
that you do the following:

1. Interior film is easy to clean, so do not use harsh abrasive cleaners. If the stain is hard to remove, use ethanol mixed with water 1:1.

2. Do not use regular erasers/scrubbers on the film surface. We recommend using melamine sponges, such as Magic Eraser.

3. To avoid scratches, use soft cleaning sponges and cloths, for example Scrub Daddy sponges or microfiber towels.

4. Do not cut anything with a knife directly on the film.

5. Do not put hot metal objects on the surface wrapped with the film. If the object’s temperature is higher than 50 degrees Celsius, it may damage the film.

6. In case the film peeling, please contact us to avoid further damage.

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